U.S Department of Veteran Affairs awarded ‘Best Use of Data for Public Good’

U.S Department of Veteran Affairs awarded ‘Best Use of Data for Public Good’

Best Use of Data for a Public Good

On November 30th, 2016, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) VistA Evolution (VE) Program was recognized for Best Use of Data for a Public Good, specifically on how the program is providing innovative health care IT solutions that strive towards helping to improve the lives of Veterans and their families. This prestigious award is given to an individual or group who has used data and information technology (IT) to help advance government and public services.

Nathan W. Tierney, Director of VE Value Management, also presented at the summit on “A Value-based Approach to Predict and Improve Outcomes in Healthcare”. Mr. Tierney represented the VE Team amongst other leading private and academic leaders such as Hsiao Chen, Senior Corporate Strategist at PayPal, and Joel Shapiro, a clinical associate professor and Executive Director of the Program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The VE program was created to “modernize” VistA (Veterans Health Information Systems & Technology Architecture) along with “allowing VA to transform delivery of health care to be patient centric, team based, and quality driven.”

A team lead by Mr.Tierney

The team led by Mr. Tierney, with support from Everis USA and healthcare experts from Harvard Business School is designing and implementing a Value Management approach within the Veterans Health Administration and Office of Information and Technology focused on value-based outcomes.
Currently, several Value Management pilots are being implemented within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, consisting of: Cardiology, Knee & Hip Replacement, Audiology and Mental Health conditions. Through the pilots, VE Value Management seeks to obtain a data-driven result of a processes’ value, and with those results, conclude upon the most efficient, standardized and effective process for the Department to offer.

VA is now leveraging the innovative Value Management approach and analytics tools for VE, the largest healthcare modernization effort in U.S., influencing over 1,700 facilities and 9.1 million patients.

Everis Director

Francisco Fernandez is a Director at everis with over 12 years of experience in healthcare strategy, management, operations, and IT consulting. Francisco is currently the leader of everis’ Health Value Management team. The team, in collaboration with Harvard Business School, is implementing Health Value Management in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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